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Yuuwaku Sakaraenai Yokubou

Yuuwaku – Sakaraenai Yokubou
1) Teach Me More by SHINJO Mayu On her way home from school, Hina is attacked by a pervert on the train! She’s too embarrassed to raise her voice, but – she’s saved by Kyousuke!? Kyousuke is the hottest guy around, and there’s not a single girl who doesn’t want him. He pulls Hina off the train, and then… he does more things to Hina than the pervert on the train would have! (Also included in Motto Oshiete) 2-4) Chase 4Me by IBUKI Kaede Hana’s mother and father died when she was five, and ten years later it’s her four incredibly over-protective and super-possessive brothers who take care of her. Today, she’s beginning her first day of high school at an all girls school… but when she accidentally walks into the all boys school next door, she’s assaulted by males! Then Hana falls in love at first sight with the boy who saves her – Ren – and begs him to take her on a date. Ren can can rescue Hana from the boys in his school… but is he any match for Hana’s brothers? 5) The Frontline of Summer! A First Date Victory-or-Defeat Charge by FUJIWARA Natsu Megumi is 16 years old. Today is her first date with her crush, Satou-kun, and… the extra-long title says it all about this extra-short story! 6) Radical Love Revolution by SARA Mahiro Riko and Kippei have been friends since they were kids. They’re so close that they beat up bullies together, and now they’ve handcuffed themselves to each other! They’ve always looked for excuses to fight… but now Riko is looking for an excuse to love. So the question becomes: can Kippei survive the romantic advances of a girl who expresses herself through violence? 7) The Desires of My Right Hand, the Beating of My Heart by AYUKAWA Mio Touko is a mild-mannered high school girl with an unspoken crush on Kuga-kun… until her friend hypnotizes her, and Touko’s right hand takes on a perverted mind of its own! It gropes Kuga-kun, and Touko no longer has any control over it…!? 8) Sepia-colored Secret Room by HARUSHIRO Amami Third grader Chiko’s friends were constantly being bullied by Rei-kun, a boy who glared at them with beautiful sepia-colored eyes, because he didn’t want anyone hanging around Chiko but him. They took revenge on him by locking him in a haunted house, and Chiko never saw him again… Seven years later, the new transfer student from America is… Rei!? He’s become rich and is twice as sadistic as before, and he’s got a score to settle with Chiko’s friends – and Chiko herself.

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