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Sore Wa Kiss De Hajimatta

Sore Wa Kiss De Hajimatta
Millionaires prefer blondes! It was certainly the case for Luke Cunningham. The American tycoon had seen Angelica Lonsdale in a crowded street and followed her, mesmerized by her long blonde hair. He would stop at nothing until he had her! But Angelica had more pressing problems than dealing with infatuated millionaires–however gorgeous. To save her family home she needed nothing short of a miracle. Luke Cunningham didn’t consider himself hero material, but if the only way he could get Angelica into his bed was by assuming the role of a knight in shining armor …he was quite prepared to dust off his shield! He had an ideal solution to her problem and his–marriage! She’d get to keep her home, he’d get the woman he wanted right where he wanted her! But lust wasn’t any basis for matrimony …was it? Source: FictionDB

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