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Someday’s Dreamers

Someday’s Dreamers
Yume innocently uses her magic to help the people she encounters–soccer players, the wrongly incarcerated, or two young lovers wanting to see the moon on a cloudy night. And you can bet that Yume’s magic leads to new adventures–and a few mishaps! Eighteen-year-old Nami is a magic user with a keen interest in helping everyone…but herself. Ryutaro is the new boy in school–he’s rough around the edges and has a mysterious past, but beneath his rough exterior is a gentle soul. When these two meet, they leave each other spellbound! (From Tokyopop) Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsuna Koto, at the very least, has amazing art. Yoshizuki Kumichi’s art grabs you right away, especially the stunning color pages. Even more impressive is that this is his first serialized manga outing. This is also scriptwriter Yamada Norie’s first manga script and while not as immediately stunning as Yoshizuki’s art, it quickly becomes apparent that the characters have more depth than they let on to at first glance. While the story may seem far-fetched and fantastical, the daily life of Yume is surprisingly mundane. Don’t mistake this for an action fantasy, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsuna Koto is firmly planted in character drama. If that’s your thing, you’re sure to love this manga. (taken from manganews)

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