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My Sex Slave

My Sex Slave Manhwa Hentai
In the company Keno and Yumi are two colleagues, Keno is Yumi’s managing director, but she never listens to his orders. Keno is furious when his decisions are not respected, he is always scolded by his boss and is not happy about his department. Keno is determined to take revenge and the one who pays the price is the beautiful girl Yumi, she has a handsome and rich boyfriend, and at the end of the day, she often goes to a massage parlor to relax. Unexpectedly, Keno worked there after work, today he purposely was a massage for Yumi, he brought her true sexual pleasure from here Yumi could not forget and she is officially a Keno’s sex slave, check out how the story goes, don’t forget to visit to read hundreds of manga manga, porn comics, Porn manhwa, Porn webtoon and Adult manga. Lots of Manhwa Hentai are waiting for you to discover. If you want to find the best mature webtoon manhwa you cannot forget

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