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Mayonaka No Untouchable

Mayonaka No Untouchable
Chapter 1: Midnight Untouchables New hire Mitsuha has an email friend “Chief” whom he met through a gay dating website. Suddenly, he has this funny feeling that his on-line buddy is none other than his boss in real life, the serious, strict, four-eyed Chief Azuchi. Thus starts a rather complicated “Love Untouchable” (”Untouchable” is a popular Japanese comedy)! Chapter 2: Duet (Sing for Me) Nakamura Tsuyoshi, afraid his tone-deafness is ruining his chances to pick-up girls, decides to work with the substitute music teacher on a cure. Shockingly, Sensei’s lessons don’t include any actual music. Chapter 3: Shall We Love? Chapter 4: Please Don’t Let Go of That Hand ~ Pg. 6-23 Chapter 5: Ghost?Sweet? ~ Pg. 25-38 Chapter 6: No Sweet Life ~ Pg. 40-61 Chapter 7: Under The Glasses ~ Pg. 63-78 Chapter 8: Ring, Ring Christmas ~ Start on pg. 15 A handsome Santa wants to exchange some odd presents with his cute, but short-sighted, young reindeer. Chapter 9: Surprise Christmas ~Start on pg. 15 When Takahiro was 5, he got the best Christmas present ever: his Onii-chan! Thirteen years later, Takahiro wants to be his Onii-chan’s best present ever. Can he?

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