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Get The Moon

Get The Moon
Getto has always tried to get his father’s attention, but it seems his father is more interested in his AI robots. When he graduates from high schools his father sends him P-02, an AI, as a congratulation’s gift. Not only that but P-02 was told by the professor that Getto was his “best creation ever”. In hearing that he is determined to find out why and to take that title for himself. When the two meet there’s some confusion, but they quickly learn that the most important being in their lives might just be each other. Included are other short stories about the two and their adventures with other AI’s and Getto’s father, the professor. Get the Moon “tells the story of Getto, and his complex relationship with Moon — a handsome android created by his father! Getto’s sibling rivalry with Moon is inflamed by the fact that his father clearly prefers his android creation over his human one. As Getto and Moon fight for their ‘father’s’ approval, will their relationship turn to hate – or love?”

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