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Dekiru Otoko Ga Suki Nanda!

Dekiru Otoko Ga Suki Nanda!
1-2) I Like Impressive Guys! The relationship between childhood friends Kouji and Shingo changes drastically when Shingo finds out important news about his cousin Shuuichi who he has always “liked”. Shingo likes competent, impressive guys; and Kouji and Shuuichi are no exception. Kouji has long harbored a secret love for Shingo. Will Shingo give this impressive guy a chance? 3) Something Secret Junya has been trying to get his lover to let him to stay overnight but to no avail. What is the reason for his reluctance? Is he hiding other lovers or a much bigger secret? 4) Tsubo Sagashi no Susume Daisuke is trying his best to be the apprentice that he can be, just so he can get the approval he seeks from his senior. A chance happening reveals that approval is not the only thing Daisuke can get from him… 5) Monomania 7) Noisy Night 8) Afterword

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