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Aoi Spice

Aoi Spice
Aoi Spice, starts when young female student Ageha-chan meets popular idol singer Ren in the park where she works. But Ren, overdoing his look-how-evil-I-am mood, manages to handcuff her to him. And then his dog eats the key. Now the two of them have to live together until either they find a way to cut the handcuff’s chain, or the dog…em…expulses the key. As hours pass, they become attracted to each other. Alas, everything has an end and they manage to get rid of the handcuffs…was that what they really wanted, after all? Includes sidestories: •Our Secret Momoko thinks that, in this world, there must be feelings that cannot reach the other person. She could be be wrong. •Stealing my Heart Kanako is suddenly dropped into an arranged marriage! •Aishi Aiimashou This sidestory covers the story of Shiawase, who is always thought of first by Omoiichi.

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